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An inexperienced nurse looking after a diabetic Essay Example

An inexperienced nurse looking after a diabetic Essay Example An inexperienced nurse looking after a diabetic Essay An inexperienced nurse looking after a diabetic Essay The facts of the inquiry province that the nurse increased the dosage of the patient’s insulin with ‘no prescription from the doctor’ . The first inquiry we must inquire is whether or non Insulin is a prescription merely medicine [ P.O.M. ] ; if it is, it would look that the nurse in inquiry was moving in breach of s58 ( 2 ) ( B ) of the Medicines Act 1968 which provinces, that no individual shall administrate a POM unless he is an appropriate practician or a individual moving in conformity with the waies of an appropriate practician. If we can presume that the drug was administered intravenously, which is the standard method of presenting insulin into a human organic structure ; by virtuousness of the Medicines ( Products Other Than Veterinary Drugs ) ( Prescription Merely ) Amendment Order 1988, Insulin should non be considered a P.O.M. : Article 2 of this Order provinces, â€Å" [ n ] otwithstanding Article 3 ( 1 ) ( vitamin D ) , any readying of insulin for parenteral [ 1 ] disposal to human existences shall non be a prescription merely medical specialty. The nurse in inquiry was therefore non obliged to obtain a written, or verbal, prescription prior to administrating the drug. We must presume, despite the fact that we are told that the nurse is ‘inexperienced’ , that he or she was to the full trained to administrate endovenous medicine ; after all, we are besides told that the nurse was delegated the duty of ‘looking after a diabetic patient with unstable diabetes’ , administrating a ‘dose of insulin [ of ] 12 units per hour’ , connoting that she is to the full qualified to present drugs in this manner ; rule 7 of the NMC ( 2004 ) a provinces, â€Å"a rehearsing accoucheuse shall merely provide and administrate those medical specialties, including anodynes, in regard of which she has received the appropriate preparation as to utilize, dose and methods of administration.† If the nurse did non hold such competency, so irrespective of the fact that he or she had been delegated to this patient, under s1.18 of the NMC ( 2004 ) , the nurse is responsible for informing her higher-ups of her deficiency of equal prepara tion, and merely undertaking pattern and accepting duties for those activities in which he/she is competent. Sing any possible civil jurisprudence claim of carelessness against the nurse: it should be noted foremost, that it is improbable that the patient would of all time convey such an action against the single nurse ; after all, the true purpose of such claims is to retrieve fiscal compensation, compensation which is more likely available from the Health Authority employer of that nurse, who can be held vicariously apt for any carelessness of its staff. Second, if such a claim was to be brought against the nurse, her rawness would non itself provide a defense mechanism, nor a lowering of the criterion of attention which the jurisprudence would anticipate of her ; in the instance of Wilsher v Essex Area Health Authority [ 1987 ] [ 2 ] the bulk of the tribunal rejected the statement that what was expected of an single health care practician was what was moderately to be expected of a individual of his makings andexperience. As Lord Justice Mustill remarked in this instance, to take the pra ctitioner’s subjective experience into history when puting the range of his/her responsibility of attention would imply that â€Å"the criterion of attention which the patient is entitled to demand [ would ] vary harmonizing to the opportunity of enlisting and rostering. [ 3 ] † Therefore, whilst the nurse is improbable to confront a civil jurisprudence claim in the civil wrong of carelessness, if she does, she will be expected to hold acted with the same due attention and diligence that would hold been expected of anyone of her occupation description, irrespective of her existent experience within that place [ 4 ] . Likewise, the nurse is expected to hold a good sense of when it will be necessary to seek more specialist advice from a superior [ 5 ] , and one such method of cognizing his/her competency is by mention to the NMC ( 2004 ) . In our instance, it is implied that the nurse did seek such advice from her higher-ups, for non merely was she ‘pressurised by a nursing co-worker to increase the dosage of insulin’ , but she besides clearly contacted the supervision physician, for ‘he said he [ would ] come to the ward to order [ the insulin ] subsequently when is free’ . In visible radiation of this reading, it is really improbable that the nurse would of all time be considered carelessness at civil jurisprudence, even if her misguided actions so went on tocause[ 6 ] personal hurt to the patient ; â€Å"If [ the practician ] does seek such aid, he will frequently hold satisfied the trial [ of rationality ] , even though he may himself hold made a error. [ 7 ] † Sing possible condemnable liability originating from breach of the Medicines Act 1968 ( as amended ) or the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, as stated earlier, there is nil within the facts of this inquiry which suggest that the nurse acted reprehensively ; she was following the instructions of both a more-experienced nurse and, presumptively, the oversing physician besides, and she administered a drug which is non a P.O.M. There is some counsel provided pertaining to where a nurse has identified an mistake in the dose of medicine NMC ( 2004 ) : where a nurse has identified an mistake in the disposal of a drug to a patient, a 2nd practician should look into any complex drug computations. In our instance, the nurse should hold checked the computations of her co-worker, who pressured her into amending the dose. If the nurse did non execute these collateral computations, so there is small uncertainty that she would be deemed to hold breached the NMC ( 2004 ) guidelines, which might travel some manner towards turn outing carelessness should such a civil action arise. The NMC ( 2004 ) guidelines besides province that a nurse or accoucheuse should non administrate or alter medicine which has been ‘drawn up by another practitioner’ ; in our instance, the nurse might hold altered the physicians dose, but she had informed the physician of her concerns, and he had expressed his consent to such amendments in saying that he would fix a prescription to consequence the alterations in dose. If the nurse is found to be in breach of the professional codifications of behavior in respects to the misadministration of medicine, the fact that she was pressured into such behaviors should supply her with some defense mechanism to any ensuing disciplinary processs: As stated in the NMC ( 2004 ) , ‘where the mistake was the consequence of reckless or unqualified pattern or was concealed, and those that resulted from other causes, such as serious force per unit area of work, and where there was immediate, honest revelation in the patient’s interest’ . Sing any ethical concerns, as contained in the NMC codification of professional behavior of professional behavior: criterions for behavior, public presentation and moralss ( NMC, 2004b ) ; as stated earlier, the nurse is under an ethical responsibility to merely move within her competency, and where he or she knows him/herself to be excessively inexperient, it is his/her ain responsibility to forbear from that activity until advice has been sought and provided by a more experience practician. In this instance, there is non indicant that the nurse was in any manner in breach of her ethical responsibility in these respects. Mentions: Luxmore-May V Messenger May Baverstock [ 1990 ] 1 WLR 1009 Bolam V Friern Hospital Management Committee ( 1957 ) 1 WLR 583 Wilsher V Essex Area Health Authority [ 1987 ] Q.B. 730 The Medicines Act 1968 The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 The Medicines ( Products Other Than Veterinary Drugs ) ( Prescription Merely ) Amendment Order 1988 U.K.C.C. [ 1992 ] Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses, Midwives, and Health Visitors. UKCC, London Steadman, ( 2000 ) . Stedman s Medical Dictionary. Lippincott Williams A ; Wilkins ; 27th edition NMC ( 2004 ) Guidelines for the Administration of medical specialties. Nursing the Obstetrics Council, London. Nursing A ; Midwifery Council ( 2004a ) Midwifes regulations and criterions NMC, London Jackson, Powell and Stewart, ( 2002 ) . Jackson and Powell on Professional Negligence. Sweet and Maxwell Publishing. 19ThursdayDecember 2002. Pyne R, Accountability in rule and in pattern, British Journal of Nursing, Vol 1, No6, 1992, p301 – 304 Nursing A ; Midwifery Council ( 2004b ) NMC codification of professional behavior of professional behavior: criterions for behavior, public presentation and moralss NMC London.

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Rise of the Rest Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Rise of the Rest - Research Paper Example This point of the start of the decline of United States is questioned by Michael Cox who says that although BRIC and the rest are rising and developing there is no such power shifting taking place. (Cox 369). Although economies of this group of nations, especially of China, India, and Brazil, are large and will definitely expand with time, it does not mean that they will outdo most of the western nations or United States. National incomes of this group of countries increased phenomenally and within decades it was seen that the per capita income had doubled. Last years of this century saw ‘the rest’ over expanding and falling into debt due to the hubris of economic success. However, it was still apparent that it would continue to take the place of North Atlantic’s bread-and-butter manufacturing, the same way that North Atlantic’s multinational organizations kept on jostling to gain entry into its financial markets. Thus, their participation rate of world man ufacturing output rose from under a twentieth in 1965 to almost one-fifth by 1995. A noticeable divide regarding manufacturing experience among the backward nations was already there when World War II ended; the rest had been able to achieve enough manufacturing experience but the remained had failed in this aspect as they had not really had enough exposure to factory life before the war and did not reach the rest’s industrial diversification. The rest had obtained this experience in producing silk, cotton textiles, foodstuffs and light consumer goods that helped them to move toward mid-technology, and later on to high-technology sectors.

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Microsoft company Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Microsoft company Analysis - Assignment Example Headquartered in Redmund, USA, the operations of Microsoft are spread over 100 countries and the company has a work force of 100,518 around the world. It stood 35th among the Fortune 500 companies of the world declared in 2013 (Microsoft, 2014). Coming to the products and offerings of Microsoft, its operating system, Windows and the Microsoft Office suite are among the popular products. It also develops software applications that find use in mobile phones, enterprise management, storage and server maintenance. Microsoft also has digital music player, Zune; tablets and PCs and video game console, Xbox in its kitty. Microsoft also provides cloud-based services to businesses and consumers, such as Bing, Windows Live Essentials suite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Azure database services. The company accrues revenues through usage fees and advertising. Additionally, it extends consulting and support services. The company is also into training and certifying the professionals involved in integration and developers (Microsoft, 2014). Standing among the leaders, Microsoft faces competition from Apple, Google and Yahoo for its Windows and online services divisions; HP, IBM and Oracle for its Tools and Server Division; Adobe and SAP for its Business Division and Nintendo, Sony and Apple for its Entertainment and Devices Division. Thus, on the whole, Apple, Google and Oracle are its competitors. The company enjoys huge brand image and loyalty. It is among the well-known brands in the software industry. The products of Microsoft are devised to be user-friendly, and thus easy to use with minimum knowledge in the aspect. Microsoft Word and Excel and Windows operating system have become a part and parcel of every household with a PC in the 1990s and 2000s. Thus, the penetration rate of Microsoft products during this period has been relatively high. Periodic release of updates to existing products and new product development has played a vital role in the

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Rhos-Y-Gwaliau Outdoor Education Center Essay Example for Free

Rhos-Y-Gwaliau Outdoor Education Center Essay Hello, Im here today to talk to you all about work experience. I can see a few anxious faces when I mention the words work experience, but I hope that my talk today will change that. Incase some of you are not exactly sure what work experience is, its a placement that you personally choose yourself, and than you will go there for a period of two weeks. I now it might seem a long time, two weeks but when youre there time just flays, and itll be worth it. And if youre lucky you might decide what you would like to do in the future from this experience, you never know!! Getting a placement is quite straight-forward you know. Well it does depend on were youre thinking of going. You can either phone them, e-mail them or send them a letter. What I did was phone them because I believe this was the most affective way and this way you are also able to find out more necessary information. All I had to do after I phoned was go and visit my placement to get to know everyone and to get to know the building. The day before I started on my work experience I was very anxious, but at the same time I was looking forward. So dont worry if you have similar feelings before you start your work experience because theyre just normal. The only advise I can give you is that you have an early night before you start your work experience so youll be rearing to go the next morning. Also on your first day you should make sure that you arrive at your placement right on time, so you make a good impression to your co-workers and employer. Its also important that you have a reliable transport. I was very lucky with my transport because my mum passed my placement on the way to her work, and it was very convenient. I went to Rhos-Y-Gwaliau Outdoor Education Center for my two weeks. I was very anxious before I got there each morning because I had no idea what was in store for me. The whole experience wasnt half as bad as I had predicted, I hope your outcome at the end of your work experience will be the same as well. Where I went on my work experience I didnt really have a typical day. Each day I did something different, sailing, canoeing, canoeing, climbing, hill trails and gorge walks. I arrived at the center at 8am each morning, then I had to make sure that all the children that were in my group had packed all the necessary kit they needed for the day. The we would all gather in the canteen, and make our lunches ready for the busy day that we had planned in front of us. Then we would all set off in our individual group and head towards our activity location. I had so much fun from my experience at Rhos-Y-Gwaliau Outdoor Education Center, and I found out a lot about myself. I do hope that you will choose a suitable placement for yourself and gain a lot of experience and knowledge. I sure did, and this whole experience will always stay with me. I dont have to tell you how much I enjoyed my work experience, because Im sure you can imagine. There was nothing I really disliked about my work experience, well the hours were a bit long, because twice a week I had to be there from 8am till 9pm, which I believe was a very long shift, but that didnt bring me down the slightest bit more enjoyable. The whole experience at Rhos-Y-Gwaliau Outdoor Education Center has definitely helped me choose what I would like to do in the future. This is an ideal work I would love to do when Im older. I found out that Im able to work with people from all ages and I truly enjoy working with children because you are able to see all the progress they have done and youre able to see the amazement on the childrens faces when they achieve a new skill. When I help people I get a warm feeling in my heart. I wish you all the best for the future, and I hope that my talk today has reassured you all, and you have a better incline of what to expect when youll be starting work experience in couple of weeks time. And I truly do hope that you will have two fantastic weeks at your placements, and try your best to enjoy them. Thank-you for listening to my talk today, and I hope that I have helped some of you, and you now know a little bit more of what youre in for. All the best to every single one of you. And thank-you for being such a good audience.

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Is Violent Revolution the Answer? :: The Last Supper Slavery Racism Essays

Is Violent Revolution the Answer? Tomà ¡s Gutià ©rrez Alea’s La Última Cena (The Last Supper) The ideas I intend to express in the following paper are in no way meant to make allowances for the practices of slavery or racism. As I begin this paper, I feel the need to remind the reader that I find slavery, in all of its forms, to be an oppressive and terrible institution. I unwaveringly believe that for centuries, including this one, the narrow-mindedness that slavery has perpetrated is one of the most terrible humiliations leveled upon our civilization. These views are meant only to assess and illuminate the construction of slavery in film. When it comes to films concerning slavery, the role of the filmmaker as educator is significantly heightened. Very often, slavery films unconditionally disparage whites as oppressive forces and stereotype the white class as uniformly tyrannical. The sympathetic, yet comparatively powerless, whites in this arrangement are frequently left out, giving credence to a stance that portrays race as a division between villains and martyrs. While I see an effort in Tomà ¡s Gutià ©rrez Alea’s The Last Supper to move beyond these depictions, how successful the film rises above the typically extreme constructions of character in the slave film is a difficult judgment, particularly for a film from a Cuban director during the Cold War. For John Mraz, the representation of history in Tomà ¡s Alea’s The Last Supper is commendable work. Mraz believes that the film joins a cinematic compilation where â€Å"films meet many of our expectations about what history ought to be† (120). Mraz maintains his praise of Alea’s historical constructions, asserting that the way the film addresses history is impartial and objective: â€Å"The Last Supper follows the classic model of both written and filmed history in insisting on the reality of the world that it has in fact created, however much this universe has resulted from research. The major convention of such history is that it has opened a window onto the past rather than constructed a particular version of it† (121). While I have no qualms with Mraz’s assessment of the uses of the film’s construction of history on the Cuban plantation, I find that the window Mraz speaks of offers a much more vague version of reality than Mraz indicate s initially. The validation of slavery by the white people in the film comes off as ridiculous, and yet the abstract strategies to defend slavery that are at work in the film coincide with the arguments used by slavery allies throughout the nineteenth century.

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Funny in Farsi Immigration

America has often been called â€Å"The Land of the Free†, where opportunities are like the bounteous fish caught at sea; the catch may be large or small, may come sooner or later. Just as the Gold Rush prompted for many miners to come about, the promising opportunities have prompted for immigrants to pour into in America. Although this chance for a new beginning has vastly beckoned immigrants, there are sacrifices immigrants must make along with newfound chances. Succumbing to social alienation is one of the sacrifices that immigrants must make. In the memoir, Funny in Farsi, by Firoozeh Dumas, and the studies of Djuro J. Vrga on Differential Associational Involvement of Successive Ethnic Immigrations: An Indicator of Ethno-Religious Factionalism and Alienation of Immigrants, the depths of social alienation and its influence on immigrants are reviewed. Dumas’ memoir describes the experience of an Iranian growing up in America, whilst Vrga’s study is applied to different sociocultural aspects of life immigrants may encounter. Cultural differences in morality, ethics, values and political standings all play an substantial role when discussing social alienation. However, more often than so, the Americans are the social alienators while the immigrants are the socially alienated. Though Americans were once so to speak—immigrants, as if Americans are rotten crops from the harvests of heritage, immigrants are the freshly picked fruits of culture and tradition, and a batch of flawless tomatoes obviously stand out amongst the rundown veggies. Firoozeh Dumas highlights the awkward feelings entailed with social alienation as a theme throughout the memoir. Dumas recalls on several occasions how uneasy and disturbing it is to be singled out, â€Å"I cringed. Mrs. Sandberg, using a combination of hand gestures, started pointing to the map and saying, â€Å"Iran? Iran? Iran? † Clearly, Mrs. Sandberg had planned on incorporating us into the day’s lesson. I only wished she had told us that earlier so we could have stayed home. † (Dumas 6). Merely because it was a tad unusual to have an Iranian family join the community, Dumas’ teacher decided it would be perfectly normal to use people of a unique heritage for the lesson as though they were show-and-tell puppets when they are after all, people. Daily ‘encounters’ with other Americans through Dumas’ experiences epict how the lack of geographic knowledge has further contributed to alienation and its bond with immigrants, â€Å" Inevitably, people would ask us where we were from, but our answer didn’t really matter. One mention of our homeland and people would get that uncomfortable smile on their face that says, â€Å" How nice. Where the heck is that? † (Dumas 37). Despite the seemingly minor extent of social alienation found in Dumas’ more humorous examples, the isolation of cultures does occasionally meet with a rather unreasonable but inevitable high tide. As the Iranian Revolution took place, the media fed its always starving Americans with the news that Iranians had violently taken a group of Americans hostage, â€Å" For some reason, many Americans began to think that all Iranians, despite outward appearances to the contrary, could at any given moment get angry and take prisoners. (Dumas 39. ) This kind of media induced prejudice created an unsafe social environment for Iranians, ultimately forcing them to lie about their ethnicities, â€Å" My mother solved the problem by claiming to be from Russia or â€Å"Torekey. † (Dumas 39. Other than lying about one’s ethnicity, finding and keeping a job was nearly impossible during these sorts of times, â€Å" Even worse, with the turmoil in Iran, the value of my father’s pension dropped to the point of worthlessness. At fifty-eight, my father found himself unemployed and with no prospects. Nobody wanted to hire an Iranian. †(Dumas 117. ) Coinciding with the urgency of unemployment due to societal prejudices, Djuro J. Vrga’s views on the matter are quite blunt, â€Å" An immigrant must make two kinds of adjustments: (1) to his own ethnic group, and (2) to the larger ociety. † (Vrga 239. ) Without restriction to the Iranian Revolution, Dumas’ experience and Vrga’s analogy reveal a now unearthed concept that social alienation is composed of both a minority and a versing majority. All throughout her life, Firoozeh Dumas was forced to contend to a traditional upbringing contrary to the contemporary surroundings she lived in. These two opposing factors were the necessary ingredients creating the recipe for social alienation, whereas if Dumas were not Iranian and born purely American there would be a missing ingredient. Even in marital matters, Dumas faced the same kind of discouraging social issues, â€Å" Francois and I had agreed that we would be married both in the Catholic Church and in a traditional Persian ceremony. The tough part was finding a Catholic priest who would be willing to officiate at a mixed marriage. † (Dumas 145-146. ) The interracial circumstances binding the wedding like a serpent does its prey, Firoozeh Dumas consistently meets with American shortcomings. In 1977, Washington, D. C. , Iranians were invited to welcome the Shah, or Iranian leader, who was cheduled to meet Jimmy Carter, a newly elected president. Unfortunately, anti-Shah demonstrators interfered with the event, â€Å"The demonstrators had crossed the road. They were stampeding toward us waving sticks with nails driven into them. People were screaming and running. Instead of Iranian flags, the lawn was covered with bloody and injured Iranians. My parents and I ran and ran and ran. † (Dumas 113. ) The segregation of Iranians uprooted into a violent and gruesome scene, agreeable with Djuro J. Vrga’s perspective on such issues, â€Å"The ethnic group is a social system through which its members atisfy many of their social needs and express frustration resulting from unsatisfied expectations and aspirations in the larger society. (Vrga 239. ) The larger society in Dumas’ case was composed of the anti-Shah demonstrators, whom successfully destroyed a political event with their distaste for Iranians. Regardless of the many stages social alienation has set, it appears that time has an influential hand when it comes to deciding whether the stage will be a dandy garden, or a gloomy swamp. Funny in Farsi is a memoir that not only shows how growing up an immigrant can be, but how t affects one’s social standings in society. Djuro J.  Vrga’s Differential Associational Involvement of Successive Ethnic Immigrations: An Indicator of Ethno-Religious Factionalism and Alienation of Immigrants serves only further in accentuating the conditional aspects an immigrant must face. Though social alienation may be a recurring theme in Dumas’ memoir, it is truthful and consequently a recurring theme in possibly any immigrant’s life. Humorous indeed, it could be Funny in Any Language; there are no restrictions on where social alienation might pop up, but Dumas provides a great example nonetheless.

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Essay on Differences Between Tom Sawyer And Huck Finn

Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer are Mark Twains two most memorable characters. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn experience a life of adventure in and out of role-play, weaving through danger with a childish disregard for personal well being. Even though they are quite alike due to age and hometown, their differences outweigh their similarities. Some of these differences include their upbringing, education, and morality. Toms upbringing is typical for this time period. He belongs to a middle class family made up of himself, his Aunt Polly, and his half brother, Sid. Tom is obsessed with stories of heroes and villains. He spends his spare time trying to pull together a group of robbers made of the other boys in the neighborhood. Hucks father†¦show more content†¦Ill learn people to bring up a boy to put on airs over his own father and let on to be bettern what he is. You lemme catch you fooling around that school again, you hear†¦ I cant [read]; and here youre a-swelling yourself up like this. I aint the man to stand it-you hear? (20) After this, Huck is forbidden to attend school and is forced to stay in a run down shack in the woods, isolated from his friends and the stable life he was finally adapting to. Tom has been raised in a society with morals and values; a society where black people are slaves to the whites and Christianity is the only way to go. However, Tom is bent on being a criminal, and he will do exactly the opposite of what he feels is right to accomplish this goal. Huck was raised away from the society that Tom grew up in. He knows that the world around him, embraces their code of ethics, and tries to abide by them, but he cannot force himself to do what he feels is unjust and evil, like turning Jim in instead of lying to everyone to protect his friend. Tom wants to cause trouble, while Huck indirectly causes trouble by doing what he feels obligated to by conscience. One example of Huck trying to cause minimal trouble while doing what he feels is right is when Tom and he are trying to free Jim. Huck simply suggests that they steal the key and sneak him away on the raft. This isnt sufficient to Tom, because there is no danger involved. Tom comes up with anShow MoreRelate d Comparison of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain665 Words   |  3 PagesComparison of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn were both characters created by Mark Twain. Tom Sawyer is the main character in the book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn is the main character in the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer were alike in many ways but they were also very different. One way in which Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer are alike is that they are bothRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain1510 Words   |  7 PagesHuckleberry Finn, a Dark Tale The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is one of the more serious and immersive books I’ve personally had the pleasure of reading. Its â€Å"prequel† The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is so much lighter. Throughout The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn there is a tone of sadness. His life is so vastly different from his friend, Tom’s. Huck’s life is full of adventure and so is Tom’s, but Huck’s life is more dark and depressing. Huck experiences things at a young age noRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain1103 Words   |  5 PagesNelson November 27th The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Written by Mark Twain filled his stories with many examples of satire as to convey a message while also writing an interesting story. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn revolves around the adventures of a young boy called Huckleberry Finn, who is about thirteen years old. Tom Sawyer is Huck’s best friend and around the same age as Huck. He is only there in the first few chapters andRead MoreHuckleberry Finn: Realism vs. Romanticism1010 Words   |  5 PagesHuckleberry Finn: Realism vs. Romanticism The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, written by Mark Twain, mainly takes place on the Mississippi River, as Huck and Jim pursue their freedom. They persevere through many obstacles and learn life lessons along the way. Twain uses these characters to depict the significance of friendship over societys moral structure. He demonstrates characteristics of both Romanticism and Realism in his novel to express his ideas of that time period. Romanticism is basedRead MoreHuckleberry Finn : American Literature And Culture1622 Words   |  7 Pagesthemselves, based on honorable values. Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer are the first kids depicted in American literature, and through them, Mark Twain develops the concept of kid, by having them participate in comical manipulation and deception. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has two principal lies, imaginative lying and deceitful lying. Lying and deceit are central themes Twain uses to develop the blueprint of a child. Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Fi nn, and the King and Duke involve themselves in comicalRead MoreThe Adventures Of Hucklberry Finn1678 Words   |  7 Pagesread a textbook at school, etcetera. Also, not everybody will read a book for the same reason. For example, five people might read the same book for different reasons than the others. I for one found that reading the book The Adventures of Hucklberry Finn was more informational about how life was back in the day, while someone like my dad would have just picked it up for enjoyment. The author of the book is non other than the infamous Mark Twain. Born to the name Samuel Clemens on November 30, 1835Read MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain1728 Words   |  7 PagesThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Despite being banned in many public schools, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, has been cherished throughout American society for many decades due to the it’s clever characters, absorbing storytelling, and engaging plotline. There are three reasons in which I am led to believe that it is the quintessential American classic novel; these three reasons include the explicit detail of racial differences during this time frame, the faultless self vs. self conflictRead MoreEssay on Huckleberry Finn: A Journey Through Logic and Morality1426 Words   |  6 PagesThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was written over the course of seven years by the acclaimed author Mark Twain. It depicts the young boy the writer had forever aspired to be. After faking his death, Huck Finn is taken along the Mississippi River to unknowingly embark on his moral journey. He encounters many convincing characters in his travels, and with these exotic people, comes exotic behavior. In his adventure, Huc k is exposed to influences of multiple sides of human nature, and so mustRead MoreResearch Paper Mark Twain1306 Words   |  6 Pagesto understand it’s meaning. People call books like Huck Finn and Gatsby classics, yet the idea that these books are actually read by everyone isn’t so. Twain isn’t just a classical writer because we deem him so, he is given that title for the political influence he managed to present to his readers. He wanted to show that the idea of romanticism was healthy for young children unless used excessively. He expressed this point by creating Tom Sawyer, a boy who idolized romanticism; a movement in theRead MoreAnalysis of Literary Techniques For The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain982 Words   |  4 PagesIn The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, Twain paints a colorful portrait of his life growing up in the south. Originally intended to be just a â€Å"fun† narrative about his childhood, Twain’s novel evolved i nto something much greater by criticising slavery and advocating for the rights of african-americans. The themes that the book represents were revolutionary in their time, something only accomplished through the narratives of Twain. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, is aptly named due to it’s perspectives